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Leader KLIK! 2010

Together with the 'Pivot' team we created the festival leader for the KLIK! Amsterdam Animation Film Festival. This time around though, we worked together with no less than 35 international artists.

When we were asked to create this year’s leader for the Klik festival we were more than happy to use this carte blanche to create an awesome animation. Thanks to all the fine people at Klik for the trust you’ve put in us! We’re glad to support you and are sure this year’s Klik festival is going to be another memorable one.

The theme of the 2010 festival was science. The leader we created for Klik 2010 focuses on the science of curiosity, amazement and the gigantic diversity within the animation medium. We all love to be surprised by new things and as a festival visitor you’ll be bombarded by different visual styles and ways to tell a story. If you’re a frequent visitor you’ll also see the leader over and over again. We wanted to have the leader reflect your appetite for new things and make sure that you won’t be bored with our work after seeing it for the tenth time. Rest assure, even we ourselves keep seeing new things in this one minute rollercoaster.

| Format: 1080p | HD | Running time: 1:09 |
Plastiek, Soulbase, Artibite, Alex Debicki 2010