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Albemarle animations (25-10-2011)

For Albemarle we've created three short animations featuring three clear characters set in a nifty stylized world.
The whole set of animations is 5 minutes in total length. This particular piece is the last one and focusses on a troubleshoot example.

PIVOT nominated! (11-07-2011)
PIVOT has been nominated for the prestigous Cartoon d'Or, the prize for best european animation. And we can tell you, we are pretty darn proud to be nominated together with names as David O'Reilly and studio Soi.
The winner will be announced at the Cartoon Forum on the 15th of september 2011. So, while working will try to keep our fingers crossed!


April 2011 brings a freshly new and updated showreel from your favourite plastic boys. But that's not all.. It also brings all our work to vimeo! We created two channels, one for the commisioned work we did, and one for the independent projects.
LuchtMacht | AirForce (19-04-2011)
A first sneak-peak at the artwork for a new short.
Pivot continues (19-04-2011)
While Pivot continues to be shown at festivals around the world (Most recently at the Cleveland International Film Festival and Pictoplasma in Berlin). It's picked up two new prizes along the way. The 'Mind's Eye' award at the Short Short Story Film Festival. And the 'Jose Abel Prize' at Cinamania in Espinho. When will it stop?!?
And now.... (16-03-2011)
...for something a bit different. For citytel -a new mobile provider- we made a commercial based on projection mapping, so no spiffy 3d, but shot with real objects!
Also we worked the whole of january on a inspirational animation for Philips.
KLIK! 2010 leader Sneak-peek (30-08-2010)

Together with 35 artists we've been busy making this years leader for the KLIK! amsterdam animation festival. It will be premiered at the opening of the festival on the 15th of september. So of course we won't give it totally away before then…
But over here you can see a preview:
For more information on the festival visit:

Pivot wins and gets nominated!
'Pivot' is on a winning streak, winning two prizes! First of all, first prize at the Zwolle Animation Festival, and secondly a silver Méliès at the Imagine Filmfestival. And by winning the silver Méliès, ' Pivot' got nominated for the golden Méliès for best european fantastic short.
Full version Pivot online
As of today the full version of our latest short 'Pivot' is watchable by the WholeWorldWideWeb! Watch it over here.
After a busy last year, we still found some time to re-update our web site, and here it is! A new, nice and soothing look.
Showreel 2010
And to accompany our fresh step into the new year there's also a new showreel. Go and get it while it's hot!
Our latest short "Pivot" was nominated for best short film at the Dutch Film Festival. Won the "Best Local" award at the Playgrounds Festival. And will be played this February at the Anima animation film festival in Brussels. We'll keep you posted as the victory march of this glorious film progresses.